Initial Visit

The best care on the first visit - every visit

Your initial office visit may last up to 3 hours.  This includes reviewing your past medical and environmental history, an examination, possible allergy skin testing and/or pulmonary function testing, and a recommendation plan.

It is important that you fully complete any forms mailed to you and bring them to your first appointment along with your insurance card.

Please verify coverage with your insurance prior to attending your appointment.  It is the patient's responsibility to know their plan's coverage, deductibles and co-pays.  Some insurances require referrals - if so, you are responsible for contacting the PCP to obtain one.  Co-pays are due at the time of the appointment.

Allergy Skin Testing


We make every attempt to skin test our patients at their first visit.  However, this is not always possible and may require additional visits.

The skin tests are done on the patient's back and are done using the "prick" technique.  These are relatively painless.  Be honest when preparing your child for these tests.  Most children respond more positively if they are prepared for the procedure.

Patients need to be off any medications that contain antihistamines for 5 days prior to the skin testing.  Please contact our office if you have a question as to whether your medication(s) contain antihistamines.

DO NOT stop your antihistamines if you need them, i.e. having an outbreak of hives etc.  You may keep your appointment; we would just need to make other arrangements for your skin tests.

Specialized Testing


Some patients require special testing.  These tests are generally not done at the initial visit as they usually require 2 - 3 hours to complete.

Some of these tests include:  food challenge, penicillin testing, exercise challenge, flu testing, medication testing, and venom (bee sting) testing.

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